handcrafted goods inspired by lake-side living



I'm Mary Pat, but most people call me MP. I'm a fibre artist exploring the craft of contemporary macramé and hand weaving inspired by lake-side living.

I've bounced around several different industries on my journey to Lakecraft, from video editing to graphic design to education. Throughout, I was always a maker. Using natural fibres and inspiration from a mindful pursuit of calm and happiness, my craft has been my haven and my outlet for self expression. Sharing this craft has always been a dream and here I am living it!

Living near water has always been a part of my life; an unexplained yearning for the audible pattern of waves lapping and the dappled sunshine falling through the trees. I have two lakes in my life: Lake Ontario (Toronto, ON) and Trout Lake (Madawaska Valley, ON) and spend my time moving from one to the other along with my partner and soul mate, Dave. When I'm not creating you'll find me putting my Master's degree in Education to good use teaching the little ones, poking around in the garden, or coming up with something delicious to nosh on. I've had the good fortune to find balance in this life and am so happy to be sharing it through Lakecraft!